domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2007


Founded in 1788, San Agustín de Valle Fértil is a village where people sit on the sidewalks on summer evenings greeting passerby. There are as many bicycles as automobiles, and even the usually aggressive Argentine motorist appears to appreciate the relaxed pace.
Thanks to its temperate climate and high rainfall. San Agustín colorfull hills, rivers, exhuberant flora, and varied fauna contrast dramatically with the desert landscapes of the rest of the province. The main economic activities are farming and animal husbandry and mining. San Agustín celebrates the aniversary of its founding on April 4.

Orientation & information.
San Agustín lies among the Sierras Pampeanas -gentle sedimentary mountains cut by impressive canyons, 247 km northeast of San Juan via RN 141 and RP 510, wich continues to Ischigualasto and La Rioja.

Things to see and do.
Spending a day by the river is pleasant and relaxing, whether you are fishing, sunbathing or walking . About 300 m across the river are the petroglyphs of Piedra Pintada, and 500 m farther north are the Morteros Indigenas (indian Mortars).

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